The Triple J Ranch is a family friendly dude ranch and we offer an extensive Children and Teen Program. We help kids discover the wonders of nature in a safe environment.

The Children's Program is available from June 12 through August 20 for 6-12 year olds. Children must be 6 to ride by themselves out on the trail. Special nanny rates are given to families who bring a nanny to watch younger children or babies and still want to enjoy all of the ranch activities. We are not set up for babysitting younger children. 

Each child will have their own horse for the week to learn horsemanship skills with dedicated Kids Wranglers. Children are not required to engage in any activity, but activities are available should parents desire a little freedom to participate in more scenic and challenging rides. We can keep even the most restless little cowboy or cowgirl busy. They’ll have loads of fun and they’ll talk about it ... seemingly forever!

Younger children enjoy well-planned age appropriate activities whereas older children are a bit more independent and like more challenging experiences. We’ve enjoyed kids of all ages over the years and have lots of fun outdoor activities to keep everyone busy.

Families may ride together depending on the type of ride and the child's proven ability, which is at the Wranglers discretion.  A separate ride will be taken for adults who do not wish to ride with children.  

Kids and adults eat meals together in the main lodge, sometimes the kids want their own table with wranglers or other kids; other times families want to share the meal together. Ranch cuisine is kid friendly, but requests can be made for the “picky-eater” and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Teens - teenagers usually choose activities together, with young adult staff, or with family or other adults, but are offered different choices daily.

Many enjoy assisting the wranglers in daily feeding, grooming and saddling of the horses. Also trap shooting, fishing, archery, swimming, simple mountain climbing - the unplugged life is great and boredom in not an issue!


We treat your children as we do our own, with patience, love and respect.

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