When you leave the charming small town of Augusta, you'll be on a gravel road leading into the mountains - the scenery is spectacular as you see the famous Rocky Mountain Front and then wind through the Sun River Canyon. Situated at the end of the road in Mortimer Gulch at 5200 feet elevation, the Triple J is surrounded by rugged mountain beauty with our own private view to Mortimer Peak. The Ranch is surrounded on 3 sides by the Lewis & Clark National Forest.

Located in the scenic corridor between Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, we are about 4 hours north of Yellowstone and 2 hours south of Glacier. Montana is a large state geographically with so much to see and do. Many plan trips to Yellowstone/and or Glacier before or after their stay with us.

Triple J Ranch Augusta Montana



The ranch is 84 miles, a 2 hour drive from Great Falls, Montana. If flying into Montana and we will be picking you up, make sure to allow enough travel time. Often guests need to arrive in Great Falls on Saturday and stay over night. We will pick you up either at your hotel or the airport on Sunday.  Delta, United and Northwest are the major airlines into Great International Airport. In the West, Big Sky and Horizon Airlines also service Great Falls. 


Transportation is $50 (1-4 guests) or $75 (5-7 guests) round trip. We provide transportation to/from Great Falls International Airport per the following schedule only:

Arrival: We typically pick up guests between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Sundays, and will depart Great Falls no later than 2 pm. If your arrival is after 2 pm, you must rent a car. 
Departure: The JJJ van will leave the Ranch around 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays, arriving in Great Falls at approximately 11:30 a.m. Rental cars are recommended for shorter stays.
*Please make flight arrivals before 2 p.m. and departures after 12:00 p.m. If your itinerary must fall outside of this schedule, you can either rent a car or arrange to stay in one of the many motels in Great Falls the night prior to, or after your stay. Contact us for help with hotel special rates.

*We are not responsible for flight delays and will not make the other guests being transported wait past the scheduled times.  If your arrival flight is late, you have a 6 am departure flight, or your arrival/departure is outside of the schedule, you must rent a car.

Montana's weather is as varied as its landscape.  Summer days are often pleasant and dry and evenings are crisp and cool. Late May and early June are still late spring in the mountains, so it tends to be a little cooler, 60's to low 70's during the day and upper 30's to low 40's at night. Everything has come alive with green, and we have early wildflowers like crocus's and Glacier Lilies. We typically have smaller numbers of guests during late spring, and not many children.

Late June and early July are when the wildflowers really explode. The average temp is 70's to low 80's during the day, cooling at to 40-50's at night.
Mid July to late August are probably the most popular time, so that space fills quickly. This is the warmest time; 75-85 during the day, cooling to 40-50's at night. August is always a nice month for long clear days. As you get into September, the fall colors begin. September is an adult-only month. The days are warm, 65-70's and evenings are cooler, upper 30's to 40's. These weeks emphasize long, scenic rides and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. 

AVERAGE MAX 66 75 83 82 72 62
AVERAGE MIN 38 45 49 48 39 32
AVERAGE RAIN 2.3 3.0 1.4 1.3 1.3 0.9

The Sun River Canyon is rich in geology, fossils and Native American history with an authentic pictograph on one of the trails. Ask about nearby buffalo jumps, medicine wheels and teepee rings.

Glacier National Park is about 100 miles from the Ranch, and well-worth seeing. Many guests visit the park either before or after their stay with us. Glacier Raft Company (800-235-6781) offers spectacular white water rafting. Yellowstone National Park is 250 south of the Ranch.

Nearby Choteau (50 miles from the Ranch) has an active dinosaur dig, which hosts a museum and tours. Contace The Montana Dinosaur Center for more information. There are also seasonal rodeos most every weekend somewhere in Montana, with the Augusta rodeo the last Sunday in June.

Around Great Falls, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center is a wonderful exhibit depicting the famed exploration effort of Lewis & Clark. The Charlie Russell Museum displays western and Indian cultural art and history. Just outside of Great Falls is the Ulm Pishkin Buffalo Jump. Rafting opportunities are available in Fort Benton on the Missouri River. Visit Central Montana or Montana Office of Tourism for other area information.

If you would like to see Montana from a different perspective, visit Montana By Air, a safe, fun way to see it from the sky!