Pack-trip Eligibility

Matching your riding ability with the demands of a pack-trip is critically important. For your safety, the safety of your horse and other members of the trip, it is important to acknowledge that you have the appropriate riding skills and experience level as well as the physical strength and stamina needed to participate in a backcountry pack trip.

Backcountry wilderness pack trips are not for beginner riders, and most trips are limited to strong intermediate or advanced riders. Participants must be in good physical condition with the ability to mount a horse independently. Some trails may travel over steep mountain terrain or passes with long hours in the saddle. Because of the remote location, it is not possible to stop a trip or return guests to the ranch unless it is an emergency. No one wants to feel pushed beyond their limits or held back by other riders.

To ensure this trip is appropriate for you, we request the following information before a reservation can be made. Please help us by being realistic about your own ability.

Street Address
Western Riding Experience: Weight limit for riding is 240#.(Required)
What is your fitness level?(Required)
Are you able to lift your leg into a stirrup and mount unassisted?(Required)
Will you be able to ride to prepare for your trip?(Required)
How many times a week do you participate in physical exercise?(Required)
Have you ever had high blood pressure or heart issues?(Required)
Do you have any allergies?(Required)
You must bring your inhaler, bee sting or epinephrine kit to carry with you.
Do you have any dietary medical restrictions or intolerances?(Required)
On moving trips, we are unable to accommodate special dietary requirements because of limited packing space and level of difficulty in a portable outdoor kitchen.
Do you have any other medical condition that requires special consideration OR carrying special medication or equipment?(Required)
Have you tent camped before, sleeping on a ground pad?(Required)
What would your tent requirement be?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.