Hunting Rates and Dates


ARRIVAL: September 15, DEPARTURE: September 24

Our September archery hunt promises excitement and exhilaration in a wilderness setting. The Sun River Elk herd is over 1500 in number and in September, the fall breeding season is in full swing. Bugling is very effective in this archery-only area that has many concentrations of Elk and Mule Deer. Our guides use their knowledge of the area and calling to draw in the big bulls to put you within shooting distance. 

ARRIVAL: September 25, DEPARTURE: October 4


OCTOBER 30 – November 6 (8 Day)
ARRIVAL: October 29, DEPARTURE: November 7

NOVEMBER 11-16 (6 Day)
ARRIVAL: November 10, DEPARTURE: November 17

The migration season begins in late October. Each day begins before dawn to plan the day’s strategy over breakfast, and then head out by horseback for the day’s hunt. Fair chase methods are used, employing saddle horses when desirable, but doing a lot of stalking, glassing, and tracking on foot. We may do some aggressive hiking, depending on the location of game. Chances are good for a lot of snow and cold weather, causing the elk to herd up for their annual trek to the lower elevations. We know the country and game habits well and will do our best to put you in a position to score a successful kill. Although we do take our share of trophy animals each year, we do not make any guarantees on game taken. With top-notch equipment and courteous and knowledgeable staff, we will do our best to give you a rewarding and memorable hunting experience. A list of references that you may contact will gladly be provided.


6 or 8-day hunt $650 per hunter per day plus forest service fee and includes:

  • Dinner, lodging, and breakfast at the ranch before heading out on the trail
  • Packing you and your gear into our camp on horseback
  • Use of our base camp
  • Fully guided hunt (1 guide per 2 hunters)
  • All meals – they are delicious and plentiful, we don’t skimp
  • Care of trophies and packing out of game taken


6 or 8-day hunt is $550 per hunter per day and includes:

  • Dinner, lodging, and breakfast at the ranch before heading out on the trail
  • Packing you and your gear into our camp on horseback
  • Use of our base camp, including meals
  • Orientation and sharing of knowledge of best areas for elk
  • Care of trophies and packing out of game taken

How to Book a Hunt

Our family handles all reservations and will strive to answer all your questions, ensuring this is a good fit for you.


Check availability by calling us at (406) 562-3653, by emailing us, or by using our online form.


Once your dates are confirmed, we’ll send a link to complete the reservation form and pay the deposit


You will receive a confirmation email and other information about your trip.


TO RESERVE: To secure your reservation, 1/3 of the total charges are paid at the time of booking. Deposit must be received within 10 days of booking to secure reservation or forfeiture may occur. Balance due upon arrival at Ranch. Deposits are non-refundable except for unsuccessfully obtaining the hunting license in the drawing process.  If you choose to decline purchasing travel insurance, please understand that there are no exceptions to our cancellation policy. Any changes made to your reservation after booking that result in a decrease in the number of participants sacrifice their portion of the deposit. **We highly recommend trip insurance in case of cancellation. Contact: or Travel Guard at 877-249-5376 or


To allow us to be ready for you, please arrive after 4:00 pm on the day before your hunt heads into the wilderness. You will have ample time to sight in your gun and give your gear to be packed to the packers. Dinner will be served at the Ranch at 6:00 pm, followed by an informal orientation.

TRANSPORTATION: Transfer to/from the Great Falls International Airport or a Great Falls hotel. Round-trip: $100 per person. We provide transportation as per the following schedule only:
Arrival: We typically pick up guests between 12:30 to 1:30 pm and will depart Great Falls no later than 2:00 pm on arrival day. Call beforehand for a meeting time and place. Please make flight arrival before 2:00 pm.
Departure: The JJJ van will leave the Ranch around 9:30 am on departure day, arriving in Great Falls around 11:30 am. Please make sure the flight is after noon on departure day.

If your itinerary must fall outside this schedule, you can arrange to stay in one of Great Falls’ many motels the night before, or after your trip. We can help with hotel referrals. *Because airlines often overbook flights causing some guests’ arrival delays, it may be wise to arrive in Great Falls the day before. If your flight arrives late, or you have an early flight out on departure day, you must rent a car.