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Job Openings Wrangler in Backcountry
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Job Openings Wrangler Teaching Safety
Triple J Wilderness Ranch Crew
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We have filled all of our positions for the 2024 season, but sometimes things change. If you would like to send an application to have on file or have interest in 2025, please complete the online application below. If you have any questions, please email

Housekeeping responsibilities include the cleaning of guest cabins and common areas of the ranch – changing towels, making & changing beds, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, vacuuming, washing windows, dusting, and various other cleaning-related activities. Friday is our change-over day, and other staff help to clean the ranch and team together to clean; the housekeeper supervises. During the week, the housekeeper performs daily tidying of the cabins and lodge.

Wait staff duties include serving food to guests and staff in our dining room or at outdoor meals and functions, clearing after meals, cleaning the dining room, and packing for cookouts. Minor food preparation may also be involved.  If not needed in the kitchen, you may be helping with the gift shop, working in the yard, doing grounds maintenance, or any other duties assigned. 

Dates of employment from mid-May through the first week of October.

This is a combined position that requires a motivated individual in good physical health who will have a lot of interaction with both guests and staff. Must have fly-fishing experience & ability to teach and guide guests for a top-notch experience.

In addition to fishing responsibilities will work with tools and equipment for general ranch repair, assist with trap shooting, and drive guests in the ranch van. Must have a clean driving record, be safety conscious, and be able to work productively without supervision.

Position available early to mid-May through September.

The Kids Wrangler is responsible for a structured children’s horse program for the young children who come with their families to the Ranch. We prefer an individual with a strong background in early childhood development or elementary education, as well as many years of horse experience. A love of children and the patience to deal with them on a very personal basis is required. Must be someone who can organize horse activities for children and be outgoing, energetic, creative, and positive. When there are no children at the Ranch, the Kids Wrangler helps with regular Wrangler duties or assists wherever needed. 

This position also requires occasional help in serving if needed and clearing tables after meals. After the guests leave on Fridays, all ranch staff cleans up the Ranch, from the cabins to the barn. Other responsibilities may include yard work, painting, helping with horseback rides, etc.  It is essential that our staff is flexible, and that we all work together as a team to get the job done, regardless of job title.

The Wrangler staff is responsible for the education, safety, and enjoyment of our guest riding program and the care of our horses and livestock. This position requires a motivated, honest, and flexible individual with great customer service skills who can work productively with or without supervision and will act immediately as circumstances arise. Wranglers saddle up to 40 horses a day; therefore, must be in good physical health with the ability to lift at least 60 lbs. Must have horse experience with knowledge of basic vet care, shoeing, horse training, and general use of tools, and repair. Wranglers present a neat, clean appearance with western-style including cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and collared shirts. Must bring your saddle and RIDE FOR THE BRAND.  We do not allow personal animals.

Position available from mid-May to the first part of October.

Our Ranch Culinary team supervises and executes all activities associated with kitchen operations. This includes meal preparation, inventories, supervising a staff of 2-4, and keeping the kitchen clean, safe, and sanitary. Two Ranch Cooks will alternate a daily schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Must be able to work the entire season from mid-May through the first week of October.


  • Prepares hearty western breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30-40 hungry guests and staff.
  • Must be able to follow ranch recipes and menu plans.
  • Must be able to grill, roast, sauté, bake, and all aspects of food preparation.
  • Meals must have a pleasing presentation with many “ooo’s and ahhs”.
  • Must be able to accommodate vegetarian or specialty diets when requested.
  • Serves meals family, plated or buffet style in the dining room or at the cookout site.
  • Supervises servers.
  • Manages food and supply inventories.
  • Takes care of properly storing leftover items, and heads clean up after meals.
  • Plans weekly menus and ordering with the Head Cook and Management.
  • Maintains a clean, safe kitchen atmosphere (keeps stoves, ovens, grill, walk-in cooler/freezer clean, floor mopped, etc. Conscientious of kitchen safety always) 
  • May be required to perform other tasks as needed or help other staff to get the job done to provide guests with a safe and delightful ranch experience. 


  • Professional or dude ranch cooking experience with schooling preferred but will consider candidates who are talented cooks with real work experience.
  • Strong, conscientious work ethic, positive attitude, and excellent communication skills to graciously supervise co-workers or interact with guests. 
  • Individual who is flexible, organized, able to plan and manage a busy kitchen & dining room.
  • Must collaborate and work very well with co-workers in a high paced environment. We promote an open, lighthearted, fun atmosphere and don’t like drama; therefore, we will not tolerate a temperamental chef. J 
  • Must interact with guests in a friendly and social manner.
  • Must be able to lift 30 lbs., stand for long hours.
  • Must be willing to cook ranch favorite signature recipes without changing the recipe!

The Hunting Guide requires specific experience packing mules for backcountry fall hunting trips. Packing school experience is helpful. The position is available from mid-October through mid-November.

Must be motivated, honest, flexible, and have great customer service skills. Need to work productively with or without supervision and act immediately as circumstances arise. Must be in good physical health with the ability to lift at least 60 lbs. Horse experience with knowledge of basic vet care, shoeing, horse training, and general use of tools and repair is required. Our staff presents a neat, clean appearance with western-style including cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and collared shirts. Bring your saddle and RIDE FOR THE BRAND.


  • Gathering, feeding, saddling, and preparing horses and mules
  • Leading trail rides both at the ranch and on wilderness pack trips
  • Assist in the packing of duffles, food, and gear in many loads, loading on pack mules.
  • Providing instruction to guests in accordance with our riding program
  • Caring for sick and injured horses and mules
  • Maintaining and cleaning tack, ensuring that all is safe and in good working order, repairing as needed
  • Cleaning up barn area, corrals, arena, trails, and backcountry camp
  • Maintain equipment and fix broken equipment or any other maintenance items
  • Fence building and repair
  • Must be willing to perform other duties as assigned
  • Has a great sense of humor!