Montana Licensing Information

The non-resident big game combination license includes elk, deer, fishing and upland game birds.  All licensing is done through the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks at 406-444-2950 or online at .  The rate changes each year and the MT FWP website is very informative about seasons, specific tags available, etc.  This will help you through the process:

1.  Under License and Permits, choose Online Licensing System (left side of screen)

2.  Choose I am NOT a MontanaResident.

3.  Name and ALS#: Put in your name and then if you have previously obtained a Montana Hunting license, you will have an assigned ALS#.  This number is usually your birthday and then a 1 or 2 digit number. (example 10/20/1965-16).  If you have your old license, it will show there, or choose “I don’t remember my ALS #” and you can get it online.  If you have never applied for a MT license, just fill in your name and birthdate and “.proceed.  On the next screen, choose  “I am certain I do not have an ALS #.

4.  On the next screen, under APPLICATION  will be your CHOICE OF LICENSES 

a)   Big Game Combination 

b)   Elk Only 

c)   Deer Only 

5.  The total price of your license plus an online convenience fee will show.  If correct, click Proceed to Checkout. 

6.  You will then go to a screen to put in your address, etc. and then to a screen to charge your credit card. 

Once you have successfully completed the process the State of MT will send your paper license directly to you.